Property cleaning Services

Today, there's much more to janitorial services than maintaining a clean property. ACBMS Janitorial provides clients with a full range of services based on their individual needs.

ACBMS assesses each client's cleaning requirements and determines a program based upon budget and need. We understand your company wants flexibility and we provide you with a complete range of options. Our services can range from regular, light-duty janitorial to more comprehensive approaches including floor stripping and refinishing or sophisticated clean ups for hospitals and technology company clean rooms.

ACBMS provides cleaning service that goes the extra mile - or two - to help clients look their best every day. We care about what your image says to your customers, and our service reflects that.

Having a combined experience of 55 years, we are in the position to serve you better than anyone. Our staff is comprised of professionals and qualified personnel; trained to meet your property's needs. We prevent and wage war against dirt, ash, dust, fingerprints, and smudges throughout any building we manage. Our services are backed up with proven track record of several years of experience in janitorial service areas. We propose to give your building/offices the best of our services with a professional touch.

We offer all standard services as well as specialist cleaning services. We even develop new techniques where necessary. We inspect regularly to make sure everything is as specified.

Every business is different, and our services differ for each of our clients. In each case, we apply the right people, tools, and techniques to keep you clean - even in the corners.

The types of facilities we serve:

  • » Healthcare facilities.
  • » Governments facilities.
  • » Manufacturing/Industrial facilities.
  • » Multi-tenant commercial locations.
  • » Hospitality & Hotel industry.
  • » High rise multi tenants building.
  • » Financial institutions.
  • » Educational institutions

Some of these specialized services include:

  • » Blind cleaning.
  • » Emergency services.
  • » Escalator cleaning.
  • » Food service sanitation.
  • » Pressure washing.
  • » Recycling services.
  • » Restroom sanitation.
  • » Special event services.
  • » Upholstery cleaning.
  • » Window cleaning.
  • » General maintenance.
  • » Hard surface floor care.
  • » Carpet care.
  • » Clean room services.
  • » Computer room cleaning.
  • » Construction clean up.
  • » Document disposal.


A high level cleaning performance doesn't just happen...planning is required. It involves hiring the right people, giving them proper job specifications, precise, written work schedules and then monitoring their daily performance. Our Quality Control Report, completed during every inspection, not only tells us how clean an area is, but also compares current cleanliness levels with past performances. Our quality control system lets us know if there is a problem where it is, and what we must do.

Our Quality program enables us to satisfy employees' expectations in the most productive and cost-effective manner possible. We do this by involving our janitors in the process, measuring quality and communicating results. Our program improves our janitors' efforts and returns increased value to our customers. We do this by:

  • » Quality control through inspections.
  • » Ensuring satisfaction through closed-loop communication.
  • » Managing cleaning information.
  • » Complete janitor participation in the Quality process.
  • » Customizing our Quality program to your needs.


ACBMS is committed to providing our customers and our employees with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to work. We recognize that this is the right and responsibility of every customer and our employee. It is our belief that accidents are preventable if safety awareness is made any integral part of daily activities. Preventing work-related injuries is so crucial that safety awareness is instilled in every employee. We have the following programs to create awareness and safety among our workers: Our operational training intertwines with our safety training, thus enabling us to deliver a full service, quality package to our customers.


The key to successful job performance is supervision: we consider our supervisors the backbone of the company, Our supervisory training takes place on the job in addition to classroom training, thereby assuring an exposure to actual situations and providing real experience. Our employees are career people with strong backgrounds and they work for you, the customer.


Strong management assures performance, and we have the management personnel required to do the job. Should you require it, we'll assign a project manager whose only responsibility is the smooth functioning of your maintenance program. We have the backup organization to provide the knowledge and experience necessary for professional performance.


We may not have an immediate answer to an unusual problem but we have the knowledge and resources to find an answer, with over 55 years of experience, there are very few situations we haven't seen before - someone in our organization will have encountered and solved the problem somewhere at sometime.


No two cleaning situations are exactly the same; no two cleaning budgets are, either. Our task is to provide the most cleaning for the dollars allocated. Cost is controlled daily through the use of special labor reports. And we also assist you in planning your future cleaning budget.

ACBMS Janitorial Services is your 24/7, 365 day per year single source provider for all your facility cleaning needs. Whether you need a one time service call or an ongoing maintenance program, look to ACBMS VIETNAM Janitorial Services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!