Life style Management

Lifestyle Solutions For Busy People:

Welcome to ACBMS Lifestyle Management, a company exclusively focused on revolutionizing the way individuals and corporations spend their most valuable asset: TIME.

ACBMS dedicated its life to helping others achieve the tasks they could not accomplish alone. Lifestyle Management, whether it is business or personal. It is all a part of everyone's daily life. Through our concierge services, we manage specific aspects of your business or personal lifestyle, so that you refocus on managing the aspects of your life that are most important to you.

Even run time consuming errands. ACBMS Concierge offers just that!! Our Personal Concierge membership allows our members to indulge in a lifestyle they would otherwise only dream of. As time repeatedly becomes an issue we recognize the need to relieve busy individuals of time consuming tasks, allowing them to distribute valuable hours at their leisure.

Nothing is too much trouble for our team of highly experienced professionals who have a detailed working knowledge of professional concierge services and how to get the most effective solutions for your individual requirements. You can rest assured that your chores will be taken care of leaving you to indulge in the finer.

Corporate Concierge:

The single most important asset to any company is people. Finding a balance between work/life is increasingly becoming an issue affecting both employers and employees. ACBMS Concierge offers organizations a powerful tool which can increase profitability and the bottom line.

Whether your aim is to improve on staff morale, reward high achievers and high valued customers, or simply stay ahead of competition being considered the employer of choice. We will eliminate time consuming tasks and offer indispensable services to suit the individual needs of each organization.

Elite Hospitality:

From sweeping sand dunes to luxurious beach resorts, from bustling soaks to sophisticated shopping malls, any cosmopolitan society offers a diverse fusion of traditional culture and 21 st century glamour to a back drop of year-round sunshine.

Whether your trip is for business or simply pleasure, ACBMS Concierge Elite Hospitality can help you make the most of your stay by maximizing your most valuable asset - TIME

The ACBMS Concierge Team has in-depth local knowledge and expertise to personally assist you, rising to every challenge and exceeding expectations. With our prestigious contacts and preferred partners we can tailor-make any itinerary to suit individual requirements and budgets.

Below are just a few of the things we can do for you:

--Personalized Shopping
--Family Reunions
--Courier Services
--Corporate & Special Event Planning
--Reminder Service
--Personal Trainers
--Restaurant Reservations
--Retirement Celebrations
--Tee Times & Golfing Partners
--Marriage Proposal Settings
--Temporary Office & Staffing
--Auction Representation
--Get Away Weekends