Green Management

Green Technology

"Let ACBMS keep your facility GREEN, healthy and safe for your tenants, visitors and the environment."

Daily each of us has an impact on the environment all around us. The choices that we make today influence the future that we will all share tomorrow. ACBMS, LLC has deviated from the pack in its decisions and business practices by bringing you reliable cleaning that is safe for the community in which we all live. The direction we are going reflects our commitment to making choices appropriate for our environment and our future. We are proud to bring you an environmentally-friendly and ethical company that is competitive with companies that are using less bio-friendly methods.

ACBMS is one of the leaders in the Green technology field. We have our own division dedicated only to Green technology called Green Team. This dedicated team headed by a certified LEED Green Associates by USGBC This team implicates all new green technologies and recommends specific chemicals, equipment based on a facilities operation.

Commited To Healthy Enviroment

ACBMS is committed to doing our part to help ensure the safety and well being of the tenants & visitors of our client's facilities. The utilization and implementation of certified and approved chemicals, supplies, equipment, and procedures, which have been specifically designed to reduce negative effects upon the earth's environment and any persons directly exposed to the defined area.

Why Green Cleaning? - The Problem

At ACBMS, we understand that we live and work in an environmentally sensitive area. We realize that as the population in this area increases and the stress on our environmental ecosystems grows, so does our need to be a responsible 'steward' of our environment. As such, our business works to reduce the impact of hazardous chemicals on our environment, employees, and the public. We understand that use of any harsh chemicals in our home or business, will ultimately make their way into the environment, via the air or water, and may affect the long term health of people, animals and sea creatures.

Our Solution - Go Green

Green cleaning is using products, equipment, and procedures that do not endanger our environment, employees, or the public.

Traditional cleaning products are made with chlorine, ammonia or other toxic products. Many of these products have been linked with skin irritations, respiratory infections, and even cancer and other serious health problems. Using traditional cleaning products has been found to be a direct factor in employee illnesses; thus, affecting employee absenteeism and thus impacting your bottom line.

The relationship between using traditional chemicals, productivity and absenteeism, not only affects janitorial companies, but also those living or working in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and homes which are cleaned using those chemicals.

Our Green Philosophy

We understand that green cleaning is a comprehensive way of doing business. Green cleaning is more than just using some nontoxic products. It is a concept and lifestyle change where the clients are using these products but also looking into other environmentally safe products and ways of doing business themselves. We envision an environmentally healthy community and a healthier workforce.

Many strides have been made in the janitorial services industry to improve the way janitorial companies have been doing business for years. Many traditional chemicals and products have now been replaced by environmentally safer products that are cost effective for companies, and clean as well as the traditional harsh chemical cleaning products.

Our company has moved forward with others in industry who are committed to improving the environment and health of the general public.

The Green Cleaning Plan

By launching the ACMS GreenCleanŽ program, we are keeping our commitment to provide customers with the highest quality, environmentally responsible facilities maintenance services solutions. At ACBMS, we take a holistic approach to providing state-of-the-art green cleaning services. Green cleaning represents the latest in innovative services from ACBMS, uniting certified chemicals, tools, processes, training, service and support. Our clients reap the benefits from green cleaning by attracting and retaining occupants, differentiating themselves from the competition and enjoying the health and environmental benefits.

We draw up a customized (location) building-specific Green Cleaning Plan for all of our clients. This plan lays out the methods by which a facility is cleaned effectively while protecting human health and the environment. In addition to typical cleaning concerns, the Green Cleaning Plan shall have:

  • » A comprehensive communications plan established with the client/company. This starts with management and will expand to the on site foreman or manager.
  • » A green floor maintenance plan for clients/companies.
  • » A routine cleaning operations maintenance schedule for each facility. We will also have a schedule for cleaning inspections, and an accident preparedness plan.

Green Cleaning Equipment

ACBMS uses equipment such as color coded micro-fiber cloths and mop heads. The color coded system is used to prevent cross contamination throughout the residence/facility.

This color code system has different colors for cleaning different areas of your building. For example, red is used for the cleaning of areas where sanitation is a priority like toilets and urinals. Yellow is used for the specialty cleaning areas like sinks and general restroom cleaning. Yellow may also be used to clean gymnasiums, laboratories and floor care projects. Food service areas or kitchens use green cloths and pads. Blue is used for general use in offices, hallways and reception areas.

We use mop buckets that have dual compartments to prevent rinsing of the mop in used dirty water. The extra compartment allows the mop to be rinsed in clean water to prevent dirty water from being used on the floor that is being cleaned.

We also use Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label vacuums. The vacuums types are back pack types and up rights. These vacuums have a four filter filtration system that retrieves and traps 99.97% of dust, dirt, and micro particles and prevents them from being reintroduced into the building environment. The American Lung Association has also given their approval of these vacuums due to the superb filtration system. This helps to ensure that your indoor air quality and environment is improved.

Green Cleaning Products

ACBMS uses cleaning products that are Green Seal and/or EPA certified to be environmentally safe. Our floor cleaning products are also Green Seal and/or EPA certified. We use paper products that are made from recycled paper. The trash liners we use are also made of recycled materials. We use plastic spray bottles that have been recycled from plastic baby bottles.

Green Cleaning Practices

ACBMS utilizes the 'TEAM CLEANING' approach to service our clients. The team cleaning approach allows the facility to be cleaned in a systematic way. It allows for cleaning duties to be designated to a cleaning technician and thus provides total accountability for the cleaning done in the facility.

Impact of Green Cleaning

Researchers have determined that implementation of green cleaning has a positive affect on worker productivity. This is achieved through the following benefits:

» Reduction of occupant's complaints and liability claims.
» Improves worker productivity.
» Improves air quality.
» Increases occupant's morale.
» Reduces sick days and associated health care costs.
» Reduces human frustration and anxiety.
» Protects human health.
» cleaning without sacrificing effectiveness.

Our families of valued clients have reacted only positively after upgrading their cleaning service with us to "Green Cleaning".

Our commitment to Green Cleaning is more than our business; it is our passion, our calling, our mission for life - to transform the cleaning industry.